What is Antibug?

Antibug is a patent protected treatment that can be used on a wide range of items. Antibug is proven to kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria, including, MRSA, Salmonella and E. coli for the lifetime of the product. The Antibug treatment can be used on items such as: mouse mats, coasters, mugs, and bottles.

These items are all commonly found in the office environment and are regularly used by different staff members, that is unless everyone only sticks to their favourite mug!

Having antibacterial items in your workplace may help your staff adjust back to pre COVID times and conditions by alleviating concerns about how easily transferable bacteria and germs are.

Having personalised promotional merchandise that has the Antibug protective treatment, simply makes your company stand out.

Reason number 1:

Antibacterial products such as: water bottles, mugs and mouse mats are relatively new – there was not a necessarily big market for products with such properties outside of the health care and food manufacturing industries, now there is.

Reason number 2:

The invention of Antibug is innovated and very current, this shows that your business is modern, adaptable and forward thinking.



Reason number 3:

COVID-19 is something that will likely affect us from years to come, it has changed and restricted social norms, work norms and how we view sharing items – so by starting to provide promotional merchandise with the treatment allows you to be ahead of the market.