Back Drops and Counter Tops: How Your Company Can Make The Most of Trade Shows

All businesses, and companies have one thing in common that makes them all completely different – their branding. Consistent branding, imagery and marketing is essential. Consistency is important for many reasons as your branding reflects your company, so if inconsistent it will go against your company’s credibility. Branding, the use of a logo and a set colour scheme can illustrate what your company is about whilst also showing your company’s personality.

Now, more than ever having consistent branding is key. Every food chain, soft drink, flower shop and dog groomers have a logo and some form of branding, and thanks to the internet we can research or look up any company across the world in moments. Creating associations are therefore key in a fragmented market sphere, consumers are far more likely to shop with or do business with a brand or company they are familiar with. Sticking to what we know is a consumer behavioural pattern. A way you to get your company ‘out there’ and in the minds of potential clients or customers is through trade shows.

It is easy to forget the importance of trade shows due to how focused we are on online platforms. Cost factors can also play a role in putting businesses off exhibiting at a trade show, it is true that developing a great trade show exhibit does cost money, however having a multiplatform presence as well as all levels of marketing covered really does pay for itself. Trade shows are like all forms of marketing – if it is done right with the correct strategy it is a profitable choice.


The main reasons why trade shows are important for businesses are:

  • Networking opportunities – even if you get nothing else out of the show, you can spend time with others in your industry meaning you can share experiences and expertise.
  • Strengthen brand – you can show case your exhibition on your social media platforms creating more diverse content.
  • Showcase products – a trade show is a great way to get potential customers up close and personal with your products, new or old.

Essentially, taking your company to exhibit at a trade show helps turn visibility into credibility whilst also establishing a presence, whether big or small.

A trade show gives you a powerful platform for meeting new customers, reaching out to your existing clientele, and building a more established and reliable brand.

However, simply attending a trade show is not enough, your company needs to have the correct marketing tools in order for it to be a success and to make a positive and lasting impression.



Making your stall look professional and engaging is essential to reach the maximum amount of footfall as possible. A custom-made backdrop can help your company stand out from the crowd, whilst remaining consistent to your brand image. Your backdrop can also work in a way to communicate your company’s values, personality and services or products.

A custom-made backdrop acts as a graphic representation of your company and it is the main thing that will draw attendees to your stall.

There is a range of great and interactive ways your company can use a backdrop.

A logo wall for photo opportunities – having your logo branded over the backdrop creates a perfect photo opportunity for both your company and the attendees. For you attendees the image could work as bragging rights. Pictures of happy and satisfied customers will look great on your company’s website or social media platforms.

Your company may be a solicitor firm or a finical services business, so interactions with attendees need to be more private and formal. Using a backdrop can help create privacy in a busy environment. A way of creating a professional formal atmosphere with your stall is through the use of meeting booths backdrops. A backdrop of an old fashion library or a luxury office accompanied with chairs creates a formal and professional meeting space for your company at a trade show.

The great thing about having a custom-made backdrop for a trade show is that it can be tailored to your company’s objectives. If your company is lacking a following on its social media platforms you can print your Twitter handle, Facebook name and even a hashtag on the backdrop, therefore spreading awareness of your online presence. Perhaps your company has just launched a new product range and you want to raise awareness of what is now on offer, you can add images of the new products or information for were to find these new products on the backdrop.

You can use your backdrop to show off your company’s personality and corporate identity, whatever it is that makes your company unique albeit how you source your products or how you package items you can show case this boldly on the backdrop.

Having a well made and well designed backdrop looks professional and can communicate your company’s values, whilst making a good impression of your brand. The great thing about custom-backdrops is that your business can use them in a multitude of different ways depending on your objectives or goals are.


At trade fairs it is more than likely that your company will require some form of flat service for displaying products or even for refreshments. A way to look professional and visually appealing is through the use of branded counter cloths. Having a branded counter cloth or cloths works in partnership with the backdrop by keeping up your consistent branding and objectives.

If your company is displaying a range of products, you can make them stand out with the right custom-made cloth. Your stalls exhibition will be enhanced with the use of this visual marketing tool.

A branded counter cloth provides the attention to detail that goes a long way. The stall reflects your company so if the stall has the finishing touches and attention to detail that speaks volumes for the business.

You can use your counter cloth to help pull in customers. What could you do to be different? For example, your company is a car dealership and on your exhibition stall is a leopard print counter cloth. Using this print will spark the interest and curiosity of passers by, as there is seemingly no correlation between a car dealership and a leopard. The car dealership, however, gives 10% of its profits to charities to help save rainforest and the natural environment for endangered species.

Having a bold yet on-brand counter cloth can really catch peoples eyes and create intrigue, this helps spread brand awareness.

In addition to a counter cloth making your stall look more appealing, it will also do the following:

  • Show you that you are professional
  • Look neat and well presented
  • Be consistent with your branding
  • Look good for pictures

All those factoring will be linked directly back to your company.

When attending a trade show with your company, how your brand looks is incredibly important as individuals will judge the credibility of your company on how it looks. Make sure your company looks professional and stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

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