Build On Your Reputation With These Tips

Having a range of promotional merchandise in addition to marketing tools can help your business grow and gain credibility.

As a building company having an impeccable reputation is important. Home improvement projects are costly and highly personal to your client meaning a trusting working relationship is essential.

Before undertaking a home improvement project, the general process includes researching into different building companies, finding quotes, reading reviews, and looking into previous work examples. Having marketing tools that cover these areas can make your company stand out for all the right reasons.

Here are some ways you can help show your construction company is reliable and dependable. 

Branded Clothing

Having a corporate and smart dress code is important in the professional world, however, due to the practical nature of building it can be hard to achieve. It would be unreasonable to expect a builder to be wearing a suit and tie, but there are other ways to keep your employees looking professional. And this is by having a range of branded clothing that is both practical, comfortable, and professional. The following can be used for your building company:

  • Hardhats
  • High-vis jackets
  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies and jumpers
  • Fleeces
  • Raincoats
  • Coats
  • Cargo shorts
  • Cargo trousers

Having a consistent appearance creates a unified image for your company whilst also looking professional. Looking professional sets a standard for customers and clients. In addition to this, having branded clothing works as advertising. Having your company’s logo on display helps spread brand awareness and visibility whilst also advertising your services.

Branded products

In addition to having branded clothing, providing your employees with a range of branded items can help show expertise. As we all know, tools are essential to the building profession, and where do you store tools? You guessed it, a toolbox. Having a branded toolbox as well as items such as, clip boards, pens, tape measures etc is important because:

  1. It helps spread awareness of your company and brand identity by having your logo visible
  2. It helps re-establish your corporate identity
  3. It shows consistency and attention to detail


Having leaflets are a great tool for informing potential customers about your services, prices and contact information. You can also include images of your company’s previous work as well as customers reviews. Having building work done to one’s home or garden is a big decision and takes time to finalise plans and ideas. Due to the long decision-making process having a tangible object such as a leaflet makes it easier for someone to refer back to, unlike emails that can be easily forgotten about or deleted.

Leaflets also work well as they can be directly placed or handed out in certain shops, DIY stores, garden centres etc. where you know people who are working on a home project will be shopping.

Business cards

A business card acts as an extension on your leaflet. Your busines card can include your key selling points and contact information. Business cards can be handed out to clients after your services have been used as a method of keeping in touch for future work.

Business card also act as a tool to help with networking, if each of your employees carries around a set of their own business cards they can be prepared to hand them out to anyone who seems interested, as unlike leaflets they easily fit into your wallet and do not take up much space.

Having a professional business card is essential, if it is of bad quality it will be thrown away and associations about low quality will be made about your company, which is not what you want.


A great way of gaining interest in your company as well as creating brand visibility is through signage. During the construction work, or even once the task is completed, having a sign with your company’s name, logo, services and contact information on show is key. This visual form of marketing is perfect for your building company as an individual will see your work first-hand and know that you’re reliable.          

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