Give Your Sports Club a Competitive Edge With These Tips

Being a member of a sports club means being part of a team. A team that works together, supports, and whose skills compliments one another. Having a strong team spirit and bond makes all the difference between winning or losing games or matches as well as morale and motivation levels.


A way of helping your sports club members have a united front is through having a kit or uniform. As simple as that might sound, having matching t-shirts, shorts, jumpers and coats etc. can work wonders in creating a united front for your team. Having a uniform creates a sense of identity and team sportsmanship, as it promotes unity and solidarity among players and fans alike which can result in the boost motivation in players.

Fans take pride in their chosen teams, and show support by wearing their team’s merchandise, commonly clothing items such as; tops, coats, beanie hats and scarfs. But this can only work if your team has a uniform. Providing clothing merchandise for sale at matches can be a great opportunity for two reasons:

  1. It helps engage with fans and creates more awareness of your team as individuals will be wearing an item of clothing with your team’s name, logo and crest.
  2. Selling clothing merchandise can help your team earn money for events such as Christmas parties, award evenings and other events.

Reusable bottles

During a sports game or training keeping hydrated is essential. When dehydration increases, there is a gradual reduction in physical and mental performance. There is an increase in heart rate and body temperature, and an increased perception of how hard the exercise feels. Providing water in plastic single use bottles is not an environmental or sustainable method of keeping your team hydrated. A way to tackle this is by providing reusable bottles. COVID-19 has opened our eyes to how easily germs are spread and how they can be transferred. Having branded and named bottles can help alleviate potential cross contamination with water bottles.


A great way to keep your team on their toes is through awards and nominations. Awards such as:

  • Best team player
  • Most improved player
  • Most goals scored

Are interactive ways to communicate with your sports team, keep them motivated, whilst also rewarding individuals for their efforts and hard work.

Cuff links, ties

It’s common place for sports teams to attend balls, dinners and award evenings with other teams and sports clubs also in attendance. For such an event you team needs to look unified, however wearing the kit would not be appropriate. Having ties, cuff links or neckerchiefs with the teams crest on works as the perfect formal replacement for the kit.


Your golf course can go the extra mile by providing branded and custom tees. Golf is an expensive hobby and is at the premium end of sports clubs, so having the small touches and attention to detail can help reassure customers that the cost is worthwhile and justified.

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