Great value print is very rarely just the cheapest price

You’ve probably heard it before – but you shouldn’t take it as an excuse for being expensive.

Take a promotional ballpoint pen. That unbranded pen you had before will write for 300m, but the next model up in our range writes for 2000m. That means your customer will have your logo on their desk six times longer – for just 5% more cost.

A fabric promotional backdrop may be a little more expensive than the traditional magnetic variety, but the graphic is washable for when the director spills his fizzy drink, and there are no joins in material to rip or get tatty. These design tweaks mean the backdrop lasts your business two more events, saving you money at the end of the year when budgets are tighter.

And some thicker, laminated business cards get less damaged in your customer’s wallet, meaning they keep your details to hand for one more week – so you get the phone call for their next job.

Our experience and detailed knowledge of our product range means that we can guide you through the maze of print products. We can tell you where spending a few extra pounds is worthwhile – and where not to bother.

We’ll help your business, charity or organisation to buy smarter, save money, and look better for longer.

Get in touch today and see why we’re the brighter choice for your print and promotional products.