Help Grow Your Gardening Company with these Tips

COVID-19 has impacted so many across the globe, with households isolating at home and strict lock-down measures. During lock-down people became creative and started new home-based hobbies to fill their time. The nation saw a rise in bakers and gardeners as all leisure activities were shut. The growing interest in gardening is great news for your horticultural company! Gardening has made its way to the top of people’s agenda and with the summer season, the trend is here to stay. Making this the perfect time for your company to show off your services and create brand awareness.

Having the correct marketing tools can help your landscaping company create brand awareness, build on your credibility, and inform customers about your services.

Selecting the types of marketing tools and promotional merchandise for your company can be difficult as it needs to be relevant to your sector, on brand and well made. If those things are not achieved, it can do more harm than good. 

Here are some ideas your horticultural company can use to stay ahead of the gardening game.

Marketing materials

A great way to inform individuals about your services, prices and other important information is through leaflets and flyers. Unlike marketing emails, leaflets and flyers are tangible items that are delivered through someone’s door.  Email marketing is great, however emails can be easily missed, deleted or flagged as junk. Having a flyer through your door is impossible to miss and will be noticed. Having a well designed, informative leaflet or flyer is important, as if looks cheaply made, for example, it will create negative associations with your company’s services. Using this marketing tool is so effective as you can ‘target’ certain areas and postcodes, for example a affluent area with an ageing population, having your promotional information delivered to apartments where there is no outdoor space is obviously a bad choice!

Clothing – uniform

Unlike other sectors or industries where a corporate dress code is required to look professional and legitimate, it is unreasonable due to the nature of horticultural work to expect your employees to wear business attire. However, this does not mean your employees can’t look professional. Having a range of branded clothing such as: t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, high-vis jackets, fleeces, hard-hats, beanie hats and gloves can offer practical and comfortable clothing for the labour intense work, whilst looking professional and creating more brand-awareness as the logo etc. will be visible to the public. In addition, having this range of clothing creates a strong corporate identity which can help with how credible you company is perceived to be.

Business cards

Continuing from the leaflets and flyers, a great way to stay in touch and gain new customers is through business cards. After your company has finished working with a client leaving them a business card with, contact details, your website address and social media account information can help stay in touch for future work. In addition, providing a business card is an easy way for your client to recommend your services to a friend or neighbour. Again, the card needs to be on brand and high quality, if the business card is flimsy it will ultimately be thrown away and of course, if it is thrown away if means you are no longer that persons first point of reference.


Attention to detail can help your business stand out for the right reasons. Having branded tools, tool boxes and other equipment such as kneeling pads can help your company show how professional you are. In the horticultural industry one can not have a briefcase, but a tool box. Although briefcases have the associations with business and professionalism, they are just not practical for this sector. Having a branded tool boxes can look professional and show you mean business


Building on having branded tools, branded stationery can both practical for both staff and clients. Clipboards, note pads and pens are all essential stationery required for the day-to-day work of your employees, so providing branded items is not only helpful it also means your company’s branding is visible.

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