Help Keep Your Employees Sweet With Postal Sweetie Packs

Both in our personal lives and professional, plans have been cancelled, changed, moved, re-moved then re-moved again! 2020 is proving to be a strange and challenging year for everyone… everywhere!

COVID-19 has created so many uncertainties that will be both long-term and long lived in post COVID-19 times.

Events such as summer balls, Christmas parties and any other morale boosting, team building fun days will be cancelled for the foreseeable future. This makes things extremely difficult as this is a time when team morale is low and getting together isn’t an option.

There are things that your company can do in order to connect your remotely working staff and boost their morale …. Postal packs of confectionery and sweets.

It may sound simple, but it is the little things you as a company can do that makes a big impact on your employees.

Sending a care package style gift of an assortment of confectionery can do a long way.

Unfortunately, it is common place to hear someone you know say something along the lines of “I don’t feel valued at work, my boss doesn’t appreciate the work I do”.

Lack of recognition can create a low morale in your workplace, albeit if your employees are working remotely.

A selection of sweets and confectionary delivered to the doors of your staff can help uplift their mood, motivation and morale, these are all things that will help keep your employees feeling appreciated and will in turn create a happy work environment.

This type of gift also helps reinforce your company’s ideologies and corporate identity.

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