How Awards Can Help Boost Your Employees Motivation

A great way your company can boost team morale, incentivise your employees and show thanks for hard work and achievements is through awards. Awards essentially show recognition by acknowledging and rewarding effort, accomplishments, and contributions of an employee or team. Awards can also be given when an employee or team reflect the values, goals, and ideologies of your company.

Recognition, praise, and thanks can be shown and take many forms, through a day-to-day conversation informally, through a formal review and through award schemes. Although being thanked for your hard work in an informal conversation is nice to hear and will be gladly received by your employees, a more formal award creates a larger sense of achievement and thanks.


Having motivated employees makes all the difference to your company, work will be completed quicker and to a higher quality, in addition your corporate culture will be more positive and inclusive. Having award schemes for your employees to aim towards is a simple and effective way to keep motivation levels high. Employee awards do not need to be extravagant or expensive, small rewards go a long way. Low cost rewards can often work better as your company will be able to give out more of them. Having goals to work towards and showing that hard work pays off as you could receive a reward helps create a stronger work ethic.

Award ideas

Your company can use award schemes in a way that is unique to your business. For example if your company is related to sales, then a award can be created based on the amount of sales made by one employee each month. Award schemes can be used in a way to help create stronger bonds with employees by nomination based schemes. Awards are also a way to have a bit of fun and show your company’s personality. Here are some award scheme ideas your company could use:

  • Most helpful employee – this could be judged on who makes the most teas and coffees for everyone in the office – the perfect reward could be a Starbucks voucher
  • The most professional growth – a voucher for a department store or amazon voucher
  • The most sales – a bottle of wine
  • Best customer service – gift voucher of their choice
  • Best dressed – if you company works with fashion
  • Best design if your company is a graphic design company

Awards can also just be a bit of fun, a light hearted way to help your employees bond. Awards in the style of school year books:

  • Most likely to become president
  • Most likely to become famous
  • Most likely to be late for their own funeral

can help your employees get to know each other better and break any ‘ice’.

Awards evenings

More formal and corporate awards that are based on achievements that have massively helped or positivity effected your company can be given to employees at an awards evening. Holding a company event such as an awards ceremony or dinner can show how much appreciation and gratitude your business has and will help make employees feel proud to be a part of it. An awards evening allows your employee to mix in a social environment therefore strengthening working relationships, as well as create network opportunities. Awards evenings can also install a sense of pride for your company and inspire employees to strive for more.

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