How Confectionery Can Help Sweeten Employees and Clients

Why use promotional confectionery?

Promotional confectionery can be a great versatile tool for your company.

Sweets a versatile tool, what is she talking about, you might be thinking?!

But sweets can be used in a variety of different ways and help continue brand awareness, brand association they can also be used as gestures or thank-yous, or even seasonal gifts.

Some promotional merchandise such as pens, flasks, mugs and even mouse mats are long lasting products that can used in everyday life and therefore work as reminders whilst enforcing of your brand, keeping people aware and thinking about you.

But why are sweets such good promotional giveaways, even though they have a short consumption and lifetime?

Well, firstly a free yummy treat is hard to resist, it’s as simple as that! Most people enjoy freebies as it can lead then to feel special and provided for. Giving away confectionery can help your company seem more personable and friendly, as in a lot of cultures the sharing of food is a gesture of thanks for family and friends.

Sweets as a thank you

A great way to say thank you to a client, employee, free-lancer, intern etc. is through an arrangement of confectionery goods. Showing your appreciation can be done in many different ways, but the giving and receiving of confectionery is embedded in western culture, chocolates for Valentines Day, sweeties for Halloween and Celebrations for Christmas.

Sweet can show personality

It can be hard to show your company, brand or business’s personality whilst staying true to your corporate identity. A fun and simple way to show personality is through the use of promotional confectionery. For example, you are a car dealership or a solicitors firm, no one will associate sweets with what you do, which is fair enough! But what one can expect is that those types of businesses are very client focused and have a lot do with client relations and interactions. These interactions will be serious, you’re buying a car – that is a large financial decision you don’t want to make any mistakes, similarly, if you require the services of a solicitor it can be assumed it is for something  serious and monumental to your personal life.

Having a range of branded sweets or confectionery on the reception of such places can help your clients feel more welcome and relaxed, and if your client is relaxed then they are more likely to make a purchase.

A solicitor’s firm having a range of retro sweets shows your client two things. Firstly, there is more to the company then just being solicitors, they are humans too! And secondly, your company is catering for your clients’ needs and welcoming them.

Sweet can work in a way to showcase brand values

Promotional confectionery can be used as a way of show casing your company’s values. Being socially responsible as a company is more important than ever and is something more and more people have become savvy to. It can be hard to inform your clients, consumers or customers about your company’s policies or thoughts on topics such as global warming without coming across preachy or without it seeming unnecessary to spend advertising or marketing budget on spreading information that does not directly link to your products, for example. What you can do is create a range of sustainability sourced, vegan sweets or chocolates packaged in recycled materials with your company’s branding on.

This sends a message that you care about the environment, you are environmentally conscious, and you are corporately responsible. It also creates good brand associations – oh ‘insert company name’ I remember those, they were giving out these delicious vegan sweets, they seem like a nice business. – and there it is.

Sweets can be versatile

As I am sure most you us know there is a sweet in almost every flavour you can think of as well as in all different shapes and sizes! Dinosaurs, bears, spaceships, eggs, burgers, milk bottles, snakes, footballs… it is hard to think of something that hasn’t been recreated in a sweet form! This makes it easy to link a sweet to your company.

Overall, promotional confectionery is a cost effective, simple, and interactive way to communicate with your audience whilst promoting brand values.

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