How to effectively use experiential marketing to benefit your brand

Experiential marketing is an experience or showcase of your brand identity. It’s a great opportunity to promote a new product or announce an innovation within your business. By creating a compelling experience, consumers find themselves immersed within the values of a particular product or service. To really get a feel for a brand, experiential marketing relies on customer participation, often through users engaging with interactive demonstrations and displays.

 These pop-up events or ‘activations’, (so named as the customer’s engagement with your product or service activates your brand value), are often dedicated to a specific product launch or campaign. They are highly effective because they encourage your potential client to be fully immersed within the brand, building product awareness, and allows for the opportunity to be up close with existing and potential customers. This type of engagement marketing can also allow you to collect data, create a new customer base and be of particular use in retargeting within existing consumer groups. The aim is always to leave a positive lasting impression. 

Timing in experiential marketing is key. Linking your event to a specific date or national day that your brand has an affinity with e.g. if you’re a pet food supplier launching a new dog food, you may decide to hold your pop-up event during the same week as Crufts or on National Pet Day to benefit from the existing hype. Create an impact through experiential marketing by supplying an opportunity to share on social media and create your own bespoke event hashtag.  

Quirky merchandise, goody bags or samples will remind customers of your brand means your influence of potential consumers continues long after the event ends. Exhibitions or pop-up events of this kind instigate social media conversations, therefore driving your reach (and hopefully in turn, your sales) upwards. Creating the opportunity for customers to fully understand your branding allows for a dialogue between customers and yourself. 

Increase engagement with consumers by offering personalised items and an impressive bespoke experience. Limited tickets or invites for VIP customers create a sense of exclusivity and rewards customer loyalty.

Providing greater value, through personality and story telling, creates a personal relationship – opening up the brand to be both more approachable and accessible. People love to hear about what happens behind the scenes of a brand – a sneak peek into the world that the public doesn’t often get to see. 

Increase engagement by creating an experience that not only attracts your target audience, but that also educates, informs and entertains.

Through providing an experience different to an everyday exhibition or pop-up event, you’ll not only be providing your potential customers with an insight into your brand, but also something memorable to talk about for long after the event itself.