Learn How to Help Nurture You Nursery

The child care service industry is booming with many parents deciding to go back to work and pursing their careers. Gone is the idea of the traditional heterosexual nuclear family where the woman stays at home whilst the man works and provides for the family. In addition, the ever-increasing cost of living often means parents do not have the choice but to go back to work.

Running a nursery is a big responsibility as the welfare of young children is in your hands. The separation from children and their parent(s), guardian(s) or career(s) can be hard on both sides, so having the right tools in place can help build a strong and trusting relationships between your nursery, the little ones and their care givers.

Business cards

The great thing about business cards is that they can be used for a range of different things. Traditionally business cards are shared during formal corporate interactions for the purpose of networking and creating new working relationships. However, that doesn’t mean your nursery needs to stick to these boundaries.

Here is an example of how your nursery could use a business card:

  • For emergencies – a card with your nursery’s emergency contact information on, for the event of a parent running late to collect their child.
  • The card could also be for parent emergencies, stating where their child is, so if anything happens, services such as the police can easily locate their child and contact a family member.

To make your business cards stand and show your nursery’s values is by having the children design the pattern for one side of the card. Not only will this make your cards more personable it also sends the message that the children in your card are looked after and encouraged to be creative and learn.


A great way to reward good behaviour is through badges. Using badges can not only reward good behaviour but help encourage it too. Badges are a great way to mark achievements and milestones, for example: getting dressed all on your own for the first time, learning how to tie your shoe laces, helping clean up the toys at the end of the day. Branded and customised badges are interactive, engaging, and fun for all.


As the parent(s), guardian(s) or career(s) are not present at the nursery providing them with a report card of their child(s) behaviour, progress and achievements is a good way to keep everyone in the loop and up to date. Gaining stamps on report cards can act as incentives for learning, for example, every time a child spells their name, writes neatly with a pen or helps someone they get a big smiley face stamp on their report card. This is a simple way your nursery can communicate to both adults and children.

Class of tea towels

It might be old school, but who wouldn’t want a tea towel with your child’s drawing on? Encouraging creativity is important in childhood, so starting a project at your nursery where each child draws a small portrait of themselves which is then printed onto a class of (insert year here) tea towel for their loved ones to buy. As a child, having something you have draw printed and displayed can help boost self esteem and confidence, which are all vital qualities needed in adult life.

Soft toys Novelty items

They all do grow up so fast! A way of saying goodbye and good luck to the children that might be leaving your nursery to start school can be done through a gift. As we all know, children love toys, so giving your leavers a soft toy wearing a t-shirt with your nursery’s name, branding and logo on could be the perfect goodbye. Leaving nursery for school can be a worrying time for the child, so having a snuggly toy that reminds them of their ‘safe place’ can help ease the transition process.

Water bottles and lunch boxes

Pack lunch boxes and water bottles can be easily put down and mixed up with others due to the very standardised Tupperware available. So, why doesn’t your nursery offer personalised lunch boxes and water bottles. One side of the lunch box can have your branding on and the other the child’s name, this way there is no mix-ups. The same thing can be done for water bottles. COVID-19 has lead to us taking into consideration the spread of germs, so making sure each child’s water bottle and lunch box is disguisable is important.

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