Make Your Brand Look As Beautiful As Your Clients

The beauty industry has boomed in recent years with new advanced products and social media platforms full of influencers sharing their beauty regimes and tips. Nowadays a simple Google search can reveal tutorials on beauty treatments that were once an industry secrete.

So, now more than ever high street salons, studios, and clinics etc. need to be extra savvy in maintaining clients as well as gaining new clients.

Here are a few simple ideas that can help your salon stand out for all the right reasons whilst giving you a competitive edge.

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards are a great way to engage with your clients and keep them returning. The fantastic thing about loyalty cards is that they can be used in many ways! For example, every time a customer visits your nail bar, they get a stamp, after they have collected 6 stamps, they can receive 20% off.

Another way your nail bar could use loyalty cards is for a chance to win a free gift, for example, after 8 visits (and therefore 8 stamps on the card) your client gets a choice of a free nail varnish.

These act as an incentive for your customers to keep returning, whilst also showing that your nail bar cares about your clients and appreciates their custom.

However, it is not as simple as just having a loyalty card, the card needs to look professional, be on brand with your nail bars marketing whilst also being high quality. If the loyalty card looks cheap it will reflect badly on your company and create negative assumptions about your services.


Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are commonplace within high street shops and even with large online retailers such as Amazon. Giving someone a gift voucher gives them the power of choice, they can choose what they spend their gift voucher on.

Gift vouchers can help your company gain new customers. For example, your company is a hair salon that also does treatments such as reflexology, massage, nails, and eyelash extensions. You have a client who comes in on a regular basis and loves your services, the client’s friend has a birthday coming up, so she decides to buy a gift voucher for her, the friend comes in and uses the voucher to get her nails done. If the experience is good and the client is happy with your services, it is likely that you will have a new regular! Gift vouchers also help make your salon look professional and client focused.


Appointment Cards

Having an appointment card can help optimise your brand awareness. Your customer could easily add the appointment into their phone’s calendar, but that doesn’t help your company.

Having a credit card size appointment card will fit perfectly in a purse or wallet. Your purse is with you whenever you leave house and is something that’s used every day.

Having a branded appointment card will therefore been seen every day keeping your company fresh in the mind of client. Your appointment card needs to be high quality and durable, if the card gets easily broken it’ll get thrown away and if it is thrown away it can no longer reinforce your company’s brand.

Recommended to a Friend

An easy way to gain new customers and keep customers returning is through a ‘recommend a friend’ scheme. How this works is, your salon provides your client who has just had her hair done with a small recommend a friend business card. If the client gives the card to a friend who then goes and gets a haircut at the salon, they both will receive a 50% discount.  This promotion is engaging for clients and helps spread word-of-mouth marketing.


Price Lists

Show case your services with a price list!

Your price list is a great way to extend your branding and show off your corporate image. Having a professional price list shows that you mean business, it is also a great tool to provide interested customers for more information.

Promotional Merchandise

Having your own merchandise can work keep customers engaged whilst showing your company’s personality.  Who doesn’t love a play on words? T-shirts with catchy slogans or phrases can help spread awareness. Here are some ideas:

  • Styled by The Salon
  • Painted by The Salon
  • I Keep Slaying with The Salon
  • Pampered by The Salon
  • The Salon Helped Me Wake Up Like This

Promotional clothing merchandise also helps your company become more established and accessible. In addition to clothing merchandise your company could also provide branded nail polish as well as a range of different products, that can be purchased or gifted to your clients.

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