Making the most of business cards

Done properly, your business card can be the most valuable thing in your wallet.

But its easy to overcomplicate this 85mm x 55mm document, and detract from the key message you want to get across – simplicity is key.

Here are five starting points to get it right.


It’s the key reason for having a business card, but it’s surprisingly easy for your contact details to get lost in amongst a sea of irrelevance.

List your name, email address and phone number – and make sure they’re correct!

You probably don’t need to list the full URL for every social media channel you use on the card – it’s likely that their icons will suffice.

Explain what you do

Is your job title a bit ambiguous? That’s fine, but make sure that there is something, somewhere that explains what you and/or your business does.

It might just act as a reminder for an acquaintance a few months down the line.

Get the right finish

There are a multitude of finishes for your business card.

If you carry a stock regularly in your wallet, and your design contains a lot of colour, we recommend you choose a laminated finish, as this prevents the ink from rubbing off onto the card behind as they move around.

This is particularly important if you only order small runs of cards, as the printing process means the ink is applied differently for orders of less than 500.

Not sure what you need? Just ask.

Have enough on you

A business card is no good sat in a box on a shelf at home or in your office. Carry a couple in your wallet, keep a box in your car, and some in your jacket pocket or handbag.

They’re only small, but could bring big rewards.

Be consistent

If several of you in the company have business cards, make sure they’re all consistent. Your business image needs to be cohesive.


None of the points above are rocket science, but in a rush to get ready for an event they can be easily missed. If you need a hand – just let us know. It’s what we do.