Why should I launch my own merchandise range?

A branded clothing range is a great way to engage your customers, help them remember you on a regular basis, and bring in a hassle-free income. 

Look at the likes of Coca-Cola, M&Ms, Jack Daniels – all successful products and businesses that have a super strong brand, to the point where people will spend money to advertise them!

We can work with you to develop items to reflect your business, club or organisation, and we handle all the hard work from there!

All payments handled

We manage the website, payments and VAT - and then send you a payment once a quarter!

We print for you

We produce on demand, and post directly to your customer - no stock held on shelves unless you want to!

Looking good

We'll talk to understand your audience and create some appealing designs!

What should I put on it?

This part is the most fun!

You know your audience – are there icons or slogans that your customers would love on branded clothing? Have a chat with us, we can then transform those into visuals for you ready to be applied to your items.

Choosing your clothing

We have core ranges of clothing we recommend, including 4 t-shirt brands, 2 vest tops and a hoodie.

These are pre-priced to include a single colour, large print to the front, and postage.

We use quality transfer film rated for long life, so your design won’t peel away in the wash.

Promoting your range and getting paid

While we do all the technical stuff, your only job is to promote the store!

Social media, email newsletters, and reaching out to your fans directly are all proven to deliver results.

Once the order comes in, we print, pack and post directly every 7-10 days.

At the end of every quarter, we then send you a statement and pay your commission directly into your bank account.