My Day In The Office – Working 10 – 4 is a Great Way to Make a Living

My internship started when the UK was on a strict lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only essential journeys out the house were allowed, and only key workers were permitted to go into work. In addition, you were only permitted to leaving the house for one form of physical activity a day and no meeting with friends or family who live in a different household. Starting a new role at this time meant plenty of challenges to overcome. When starting a new job, meeting the team, being in the office choosing your desk and working out how to use the coffee machine are all parts of the joy of being the newbie, however starting a new job and working remotely creates its own unique set of challenges! Although technology such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams are great communication tools, face-to-face interactions tend to be more beneficial when learning new things. But with regular conversations I soon adapted to the remote working way.


Throughout my internship lockdown rules lessened which meant after 9 weeks into my 10-week placement I could finally go into the office and see how everything works!

Usually when starting a new job, you go into the office first, however doing things this way round was better for me. After spending 9 weeks writing about promotional merchandise, promotional items and promotional marketing, going to the office was a lot more interesting as I meant I could go and see what it was I was writing about in real life!



The combination of finally getting to see how things are made office after all those weeks and with lock down rules now meaning you can leave your house made the experience even better!

I got the opportunity to make two t-shirts, a mug and a face mask, designing, placing and then printing!

I choose the designs of the t-shirts by thinking of my two favourite things … dogs and Japanese food! Creating a top that reads “I love dogs” and another with “ramen addict” accompanied with an image of a bowl of ramen!

Throughout my internship I have learnt that when it comes to design for a t-shirt, less is often more. So, because of this I kept the tops colours simple – black printing on a white top.

I am amazed how well the t-shirts came out, the quality is perfect, and they look incredibly professional and cool!

Like most, in the mornings I need a coffee, so designing my own mug was an exciting prospect! Naturally, I choose to have my name printed in a pink sparkly font on to the stylish black and white mug!

Then finally I got to make a mask, due to the new rules  you must wear a mask when entering shops, taxis and all forms of public transport, making this the perfect time for me to have a custom made mask! I decided to go for a black moustache silhouette, COVID-19 has brought so many concerns and anxieties, trying to have a sense of humour and keep morale and optimism levels high in a time like this is important, hence my humorous design.

Overall, as a creative person who is into fashion and enjoys design, creating my own tops, mug and mask was a great experience, I also got to see the incredible quality that is produced by Vibrant Colour.

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