Starting With Stationery

New Company Stationery Pack

When starting a new business or company it can be easy to overlook and forget about the little touches – the attention to detail that can make all the difference.

All new businesses will always have one thing – their company logo and their corporate identity. We live in times where information is easy to and where the market place of businesses is extremely fragmented and diverse. This new environment means having a consistent corporate identity is essential.

Having a consistent corporate identity really does start from the bottom and work its way up. And where is best to start? In your marketing and promotional materials.

Follow these simple 4 steps and your new business will be ready to face the world!

Step 1 – Business cards – Business cards show you mean business!

Business cards act as a great way to make a first impression, rather than jotting down your name, number, and email onto the nearest piece of paper or serviette handing someone a business card shows them you are professional. Having a well made business card is essential, if the card is of low quality it will easily get damaged in someone’s bag – if it’s damaged what are they going to do? Throw it away! Your business card acts as an extension of your company so needs to reflect your corporate identity through its design.

Step 2 – Leaflets

When starting a new business a lot of your initial focus will be on getting your company known and out there. A simple and affective way of spreading news is through leaflets, marketing materials delivered straight to potential customers doors. Unlike marketing emails that are easily ignored or go straight into junk mail, leaflets are physical objects delivered into someone’s home – they can not be ignored.

Step 3 – Compliment slips

Giving your new business a personal touch can help you stand out whilst also providing great customer service. Including a compliment slip in a parcel saying “thank you for your purchase” can keep customers coming back and can spread your corporate ideologies. Compliment slips are also a great way to incentivise customers to return to your business, are you could give provide a code for 10% their next purchase. Another great way to use a compliment slip is to ask for a review or provide a hashtag. These both help spread brand awareness and if your customer is happy they are likely to want to spread the word.

Step 4 – Desktop Roller Banner 

As a new business, going to trade shows, university events and other similar occasions are important to get your brand out they and even for market research opportunities. Having a branded desktop roller banner showcases your branding, shows you’re professional and finally it shows you are there to stay.

Follow all those simple steps and your new business will be ready for all it’s future success.


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