Packaged to Perfection

How to add that perfect personal touch with packaging

When selling products, clothes and even food how your packaging looks says a lot about your brand.

Packaging can be the icing on the cake, the added extra that makes your customers purchase that little bit more special.

When buying a new pair of underwear or a bra at Calvin Klein your new garment is wrapped in Calvin Klein branded tissue paper, done up by a Calvin Klein sticker and then placed into a Calvin Klein gift bag.

The wrapping of an item makes it seem that little bit more special because as we all know wrapping presents is a staple in western culture for events such as birthdays’ or Christmas. If you give a gift to someone you wrap it. So, by using branded tissue paper to package an item helps make the customer’s purchase seem more like a gift, despite the fact the person has bought it.

A reason why luxury brands use nice lavish packaging is to help justify for the premium pricing. Traditionally high-end brands use tissue paper, or branded stickers to wrap purchases as part of a calculated customer experience strategy. Creating a memorable unboxing experience can produce a key point of difference that can’t easily be matched anywhere else whilst leaving customers with a good impression of the brand.

Any company or business can take advantage of the associations between well packed items and luxury.

Using branded parcel tape can work in a similar manner, if your company uses branded tape to close the parcels you send to clients it means they can immediately identify who the parcel is from.

When ordering a parcel from an online store it is commonplace for the parcel to be in a branded bag or box. This is done for two main reasons:

Reason 1:

Having your logo over a parcel means it is in the public eye – this maintains and continues brand awareness

Reason 2:

It means the item can be immediately identity as from the company.

Using branded tape is a good idea if you sell items that do not have your company’s ago on, for example: you buy a SMEG fridge or a Nike top, the brand will be on that item. However, if you sell items that do not such logos on the merchandise, a good way to keep with brand awareness and keep consistent is by using branded tape.

A way to engage with your audience whilst keeping on brand is with the use of an insert. Adding in a business card size insert can help keep your customers keen.

Here’s a few ways you could use an insert:

  1. To add a simple message thanking your customer for their purchase
  2. To give your customers a discount code for their next purchase
  3. To provide a hashtag – take a pic of you in your new dress and use the hashtag to be featured on our Instagram page
  4. To provide your customer with branded stickers – your customers could use the stickers on their phone or laptop, this means your brand will always be reminding your customer to shop with you.
  5. To ask your customer to leave a review

A small insert with your parcel can make a big difference to the customer and adds a personal touch.

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