How Antibacterial Pens Can Help Your Company

iPROTECT are 100% Made in Italy antibacterial pens. The pens have unique antibacterial properties, which permanently self-clean the pen, assuring protection for those who use it.

iPROTECT essentially works by preventing bacteria from spreading from hand to hand due to the antibacterial additive, ZINC IONS added to the plastic during the production process.

As well as iPROTECT, another pen we have with an anti-bacterial finish is Senator, a pen made in Germany with green energy. Senator pens have a special plastic and silver infused surface that germs cannot survive.

Senator pens antibacterial properties cannot be rubbed off or reduced by external influences.

We have all been living through the might of a global pandemic – COVID-19. It is an unprecedented time for everyone and has affected all forms of business and industry. Although the virus will not be with us forever, the impacts of COVID-19 are likely to change, impact and shape how people do business. In addition, living through a global pandemic has also taught and made people aware of how easily germs can be shared, spread, and caught.

Being vigilante, aware and careful of how germs spread is likely to become the new normal for businesses as a part of their corporate social responsibility.

iPROTECT and Senator antibacterial pens reduce the risk of harmful bacteria and kill 99.9% of bacteria.

Every office, home, school, restaurant, zoo, spa, and nightclub use pens! Pens are everywhere and everyone needs to use them. Pens are easy to lose and easy to accidentally take, pick up and put down. Pens are shared around without thought.

An obvious example is at a reception desk, most establishments require visitors to sign in and out when entering and leaving the building due to health and safety reasons. A pen for the signing in book could be used multiple times a day, meaning the transfer of bacteria can be spread through the office building and beyond. In a post COVID-19 world something that was once trivial to us, like sharing a pen, may become a point of anxiety for people. Meaning antibacterial pens can be used to help ease tensions about spreading bacteria.

Using products such as antibacterial pens help send a message from your business, it shows you are; conscious of the health and wellbeing of your employees and customers, you are socially aware of the impacts of COVID-19, you care about stopping or curving the spread of the virus, overall it shows you want to make steps to safe guard the health of all those who come into contact with your business.