Small Charities: Get More For Your Money by Integrating Your Print and Social Media Marketing Strategies

If you’re reading this it’s likely you’re part of a small charity or non-profit organisation. And if so you’ll understand the pain of working with a limited budget when it comes to an effective marketing campaign. Pain possibly worsened with the pressures of obtaining Champagne results on a supermarket fizz budget.

No doubt you’re doing the usual – reaching out to potential clients and sponsors using social media – as it carries a price tag of zero. But we’re going to cover how clever branding, dual purpose tactics and some sneaky social media tricks can also be impressive marketing tools. Read on below for our top tips on how to make your money work harder by integrating both print and social media strategies into your marketing campaign.

Clever branding ideas are tips to use within your campaign that raise and maintain brand awareness at all times. By including consistency your brand or message will more likely stick in the mind of your desired audience.

  • One free tip is to use the same branded colours and logos across all content – this includes online; on websites, on social media account pages and ads; and offline; on business cards, fliers, in print and on any promotional merchandise.
  • Choose printed promotional items that are relevant to your brand. For example if, in addition to useful and long lasting products (more below), you’re a charity that supports the environment – you may like to invest in a range of recycled or eco products such as post-it notes, stationery or organic t-shirts.
  • Bonus tip: Don’t throw money at a whole heap of merch just because you want your face on a rug!

Dual Purpose Tactics are nifty bits of promotional marketing which serve two purposes – ideally, promoting your brand but also being useful to the intended recipient in some way. These can be of a practical nature or something which adds value to your patrons.

  • Include your social media logos and links on all your printed materials to remind people of where they can find you online. This serves as a double whammy in the promotion stakes to build your online following and shows you have both an online and offline presence. Plus this strategy shouldn’t add too many extra pennies to your print run budget.
  • A good investment is to use branded products that are both useful and that have longevity – for example mugs and pens which keep your details regularly in sight (and hopefully in mind) on a person’s desk.

Most Sneaky Social Media tricks are completely free. And the best thing is you can trial and error different methods until you find something that fits your brand and  works well for you.

  • Add event or brand hashtags to your printed materials for example brochures, posters or fliers. These serve as adverts for your brand and as a call-to-action for your community to get involved using the hashtags online.
  • Use social media to promote giveaways and competitions to win your branded merchandise. Include videos and photos of the items to increase interactions, build more followers and promote your brand in the process!
  • Bonus tip: Add your social media links and hashtags to your email signature as an additional reminder. You’ll thank us later 🙂

Hopefully you’ve found these free and low budget tips useful and might be soon putting them into practice yourself! We’d love to hear about how any of these tips have worked for you, or if you have any tips you’d like to share with the Small Charity Week community.