Stamp Your Way To The Top

In a world where clothes, toys, furniture and food is mass produced in factories by machinery in warehouses and then shipped to your front door with minimal or no human contact or interaction giving your company an individual touch can be difficult. Adding a personal touch can make your company seem more individual, more relatable, more friendly and can show personality.

Attention to detail, personalisation and the little extras is what sticks in your customers mind and keeps them returning. No matter the size of your company or your industry what people remember is the personal touches.

A way to give your company a personal touch whilst also promoting your key ideologies, providing great customer service all whilst staying consistent with your branding is ….. wait for it ……. stampers.

A common place for stampers to be used is on loyalty cards. Your favourite coffee shop has a loyalty card and each time you get a coffee a little smiling coffee mug character is stamped – it’s personal, shows character and keeps customers engaged. And if you’re anything like me a little coffee mug character sounds unbelievably cute!

There are many ways something as simple as a stamper can help add to your business. Stampers can act as a distinctive way of telling the customer something about the product. What are your products unique selling points? For example, ‘made with love’, ‘handmade’, ‘100% organic’, ‘made in the UK’, ‘vegan’. Using a stamper to tell the customer about the product helps add character whilst being more eye catching. 

Having a clear corporate image is something all company’s need to maintain and keep consistent, using a customised stamp can help add to the corporate image. For example, you start using stamps on the back of all letters you send out to clients. As soon as the letter arrives the individual will know who it’s from, being recognised and having your logo visible helps remind people of your brand.

Another great way for a personalised stamper to be used is on thank you notes. For example, you send an item bought by a customer, within the packaging you include a short note thanking them for their purchase and to sign off the note you use a stamp that says ‘love from your team at (insert company name)’. Doing this shows that you go the extra mile for your customers, shows a human personalised touch whilst keeping a professional and on brand.


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