Taxi Companies: Help Drive in New Customers

The reach and scale of businesses, companies and industries that been affected due to COVID-19 is hard to comprehend. But good things are on the horizon as pubs and restaurants are now opening and lock down measures are loosening, which is great news for the taxi industry.

This makes it the perfect time for you taxi firm to start focusing on the future and how to engage customers as well as gain new regular customers.

Having a range of marketing products can help spread brand awareness as well as keep customers connected with your company.

Here are some ideas for your taxi firm:

Business cards

Having a business card can provide information as well as create brand awareness. For example, your taxi firm’s business card could have the following information:

  • Contact number
  • Contact email address
  • Operating hours
  • Website address
  • Locations covered

This is all the information needed for someone to book a taxi or arrange a taxi journey in the future.

The great thing about business cards is their size – they are the same size as a credit card, meaning they easily fit into purses or wallets. Due to the size and nature of business cards people tend to keep them in their purse or wallet. And, as we all know, people always tend to have their wallet on them.

Having your business card in someone’s wallet means they are always reminded of your company and services. It also means they recognise your branding and corporate image, this in turn spreads brand awareness. 

Having a business card with information on it, alone is not enough. The card needs to be durable and well printed as if the card becomes damaged or the information fades it will be thrown away. Something as simple as that could lose you customers.


Loyalty cards

Uber has become an international leader in the taxi industry, whose cheap fares and easy to use app make it hard to compete with.

A way your taxi firm can keep off potential competitors is through the use of loyalty cards. Using loyalty cards act as an incentive for your customers.

If after every five journeys you get the sixth free with the loyalty card scheme, it will help maintain customer loyalty whilst also giving your company a unique competitive edge.

In addition to having a loyalty card having a custom-made stamper is necessary. Having a stamper can stop any fraud or people who might try and beat the system to receive a free journey. Having a custom stamper also adds to your professional image.

Other promotional merchandise

When deciding on what items and products to use for your taxi firm’s promotional merchandise, you need to think of your target market. What demographics use your services?

If your taxi firm is based in a rural area with an aging population a branded mug would work well. Or if your taxi firm is in a town and your services regularly consist of to and from the pub travel a branded water bottle or keychain would be ideal.

After you have decided on what merchandise you are going to use, you need to think of where to place it. Choosing the right location is key in creating maximum impact for your company.

Places to take into consideration are the following:

  • Hotels and hostels
  • Pubs
  • Bars
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • In areas with no public transport

These are all examples of places and scenarios where a taxi service may be required, meaning having your company’s promotional items there will generate maximum brand awareness and scope.

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