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At Vibrant Colour we work with different suppliers in order to source the best made products for your company. We care about the quality of goods we provide to your business and carefully take into consideration a range of factors including value, location, price etc. when selecting the companies and suppliers we partner with.

CHX Products is an award winning UK manufacturer located in Cornwall and is a family run business that design, manufacture and print promotional merchandise products.

CHX are the perfect model of a company who takes their corporate social responsibility seriously and includes a green initiative in all they do. They only use 100% recycled plastic to produce products, and have been doing so since the business was founded in 1997. In addition, CHX use 100% bio-degradable plastic packaging and all outer packaging is recyclable made from recycled materials. All plastic is sourced from the UK, meaning there is no carbon footprint caused by air travel. And if that wasn’t all, 40% of their electricity comes from on-site solar panels.

Selecting items to use for promotional merchandise can be challenging. Asking yourself the questions – is this item helpful, will it be used in the average person’s day-to-day life? And, will someone enjoy using this item? If the answer is yes to either of those questions, then you know you’re on to something. Having a promotional item that can be used daily helps with brand awareness and brand visibility whilst also creating positive associations between your client and your company.

CHX main products are:

  • Trolly coin keyrings
  • Leisure items such as frisbees
  • Coasters

As you could guess, these products are made from plastic.

Our global consumption of plastics is through the roof, with single use plastics being the top of the list. Put simply, single-use plastics are goods that are made primarily from fossil fuel–based chemicals and are meant to be disposed of right after use—often, in mere minutes. Single-use plastics are most commonly used for packaging and service-ware, such as bottles, wrappers, straws, and bags.

Years of single use plastic has created devastating effects on the environment, oceans, wildlife, and the O-Zone layer. Single use plastic is far too common and used in some form in all most every industry, shop, or product you can think of.

Cutting down on plastic consumption and sourcing sustainable variants or sustainably ran businesses is essential and should be on your company’s agenda, not only does reducing plastic mean you’re doing your bit to help prevent further environmental damage it also can help sales.

The 2020 consumer is savvy and has more access than ever before to information and reviews on products and companies alike. Their has been a shift in the patterns of consumer behaviour, from wanting the best price, to being willing to pay more for an item that is used from recycled materials, is fair trade or is from a sustainable, socially responsible company. Recognising this change in consumer dynamics can help boost sales, help generate new sales, offer a marketing campaign opportunity, help with your company’s reputation whilst also being ecologically more friendly.

It is not seldom to find many products or companies that are overtly eco-friendly or have green initiatives to have higher prices. One can expect that a more eco friendly or organic item will be priced at a higher margin than its ‘normal’ other. However, CHX prices are just as competitive as their competitors who do not use their manufacturing progress and bio-degradable packaging.

Over order?

After deciding on what promotional item your company is going to use for an upcoming event for example, the next thing to do is to decide on the quantity. It can be hard to predict quantities, the general rule is to have more than enough, just to be on the safe side. However this can leave your company with over stock of out dated or unneeded items. CHX have thought of this, if your company is left with over-stock, they will collect the items and recycle the plastic into new products this means there is zero waste. This also acts as a great, easy and ecologically solution for your company.

CHX makes and designs everything onsite, this means the turn around for new products can be done in a matter of days. The process of designing a prototype to the final product can take weeks if not months, so this turn around is impressive.

Although COVID-19 has taken away the media’s focus on Brexit, it still is going ahead. The unfortunate reality of Brexit is that we do not know the length and depth of how it will effect trade, production etc. so having a company such as CHX that is completely UK based can help alleviate any anxieties about future business.

CHX, helps set the precedent for ways companies can be more ‘green’, source responsibly whilst also providing quality items with a fast turn-around at a competitive price. 

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