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At Vibrant Colour, we’re experts at making your business, charity or event look great in print.

With a product for every purpose, let us know what you’re planning, and we can make appropriate suggestions to meet your requirements – including deadline, finish and budget.

From short run to large run, basic print to foil and gloss highlights, we have the ability to provide a large range of both specialist and everyday print.

We won't bamboozle you with jargon, and we have design resource on hand to handle everything from a small tweak to a complete printed item.

How we do it

We make no secret of it - we don't have a shed full of paper and ink, churning out your jobs.

Instead, we're what you might call 'print managers'. The first part is sometimes the hardest - working out what you actually need.

Because we've got no machines to fill, we can be neutral, and recommend what we think will achieve the best result, rather than just what will fit on the machines we have behind us.

We have a 'whole of market' approach, so we can make sure that we provide the best product available within your deadline, at a great price. 

Then, we call in experts and specialists from up and down the country to actually produce your job.

Whether you need a rapid turnaround, high volume, or some specialist hand finishing, we'll find a way to make it happen.

Graphic design

Layout and design

It's tricky to produce a great printed product without great design.

Quite a number of great graphic designers trust us to print work for their clients, and we'd be happy to introduce you.

We also have in-house and freelance design expertise on hand for project work.

Prefer to design yourself? We accept files from services like Canva, as long as they are exported properly - check with us ahead of your deadline for confirmation!

Post Office fulfilment

Postage and fulfilment

Do you have print jobs that need circulating to multiple addresses, such as membership magazines, poster campaigns or annual catalogues/reports?

Our pack and fulfilment service can collate multiple items, and send using Royal Mail.

Fulfilment often costs less than you'd think, and can save you hours enveloping, labelling, and stamping/franking.

It tends to make sense on jobs of 250 items plus, and all we need is the address data - we can then arrange the rest alongside your print job.

Web to print

Print Portal

Our 'web to print' service allows members of your team to independently order their own supplies as and when required, reducing your workload and improving brand consistency. 

We can add products like business cards, posters, and ID cards to this system, which can include job approval, cost code references, and a monthly consolidated invoice.

A small setup charge applies.